My Favorite Way to Kick Off a Fractions Unit

Teaching fractions can be daunting. Numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, improper fractions..they are all unfamiliar words to the average primary student. Having students constantly repeat and work with these mathematical vocabulary terms is vital to their success. 

In my third year of teaching I came up with Fraction Play Stations for my 5th grades. Every year after that it was my favorite way to kick off my fractions unit (even when I moved to 2nd grade) because I found that it excited my students and got them working with and thinking about those key vocabulary terms. Read all about it over on the collaborative Classroom Tested Resources blog.


  1. I love your idea of the games. I was just thinking that if you had them work in pairs you could have them add their fractions because their denominators would be the same or just use one (hardest) so you wouldnt have an improper fraction. Just a thought. Will try this in a few weeks.

  2. You could partner them up and they could add their fractions to get a total. If you were worried about improper you could pick the game that was least likely to have a high numerator. Just a thought. Will be utilizing this in a few weeks. Thanks.