Technology Integration Ideas from PicCollage's Teacher's Corner

Have you heard about PicCollage's Teacher's Corner on the PicCollage blog? If not, you need to check it out!
Don't miss all of the fabulous blog posts by the PicCollage Teacher Ambassadors over on the PicCollage blog under the Teacher's Corner section. Read about some fabulous technology integration ideas for any classroom! | The Techie Teacher

The PicCollage teacher ambassadors have teamed up to bring YOU valuable blog posts about different ways you can integrate the PicCollage app into your classroom. Learn about all of the different tools, tricks and versatile ways that PicCollage can enhance your lessons.

So far I have two blog posts published over there that might interest you:

PicCollage is such a versatile app! Learn how to use the clipping tool for some FUN iPad lesson ideas to use in the classroom :) 5 Appsmash ideas that start out with PicCollage. Come learn some ways you can integrate this highly versatile app into your classroom.
Ideas for using the PicCollage app for Word Study How To Use PicCollage for Student Grouping

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