Classroomscreen.com: A Web Tool Teachers and Students will LOVE

Classroomscreen.com: A Web Tool Teachers and Students will LOVE

Classroomscreen.com: A Web Tool Teachers and Students will LOVE. Easy way to turn your browser into an interactive board. Digital stoplight, timer, calendar, random name picker, drawing tools, work symbols, text area, QR generator and more are all tools included in this free web tool.

Classroomscreen.com is a FREE web tool created by Laurens Koppers, a teacher from the Netherlands. Laurens created this tool to utilize the digiboard in their classroom to help students focus on their work.

Lots of updates have happened since I wrote this post! I have revised this post as of 1/31/18.

How classroomscreen.com works:

Launch your web browser and visit classroomscreen.com. Project it on a screen in your classroom. Your browser turns into an interactive board and has the capability to display various tools that you and your students will LOVE.

Tools and Capabilities:

🖥 choose a background/upload your own
🖥 pick a random name & dice roll
🖥 classroom sound level monitor
🖥 generate a QR-code
🖥 draw in-screen or full-screen
 🖥 type your instructions in the text area and zoom
🖥 choose a work symbol 
🖥 set a timer/stopwatch
 🖥 show the clock & calendar
 🖥 use the traffic light 
🖥 use the calculator
🖥 drag and drop the icons in the right place
🖥 Dual widgets: more than one widget can be displayed at once
🖥 select a language

What makes this web tool stand out?

Many teachers I have shared this tool with have already said that the QR code generator is their favorite tool. Simply click the QR code icon, enter the url of a website you would like your students to visit and the tool instantly generates a QR code for students to scan with a handheld device.

I really like the work symbols that can be used as a visual reminder for students:

Here are the different options you can choose from:

I also think the stoplight is a nice component! Use it as a visual reminder for voice levels as well as other activities. I could even seen students using classscreen.com on their own devices in which they could change the stoplight to indicate their progress on a project or their understanding of a concept.

One of the newest additions is the ability to conduct a digital exit poll. Simply type a question at the top and have students walk by your board or computer and tap/click on the smiley face that represents their feelings about the question.

Really, you need to check out ALL of the fabulous functions of this web tool.

Updated video demo:

Original video: Check out my Facebook Live to see classroomscreen.com in action (Note: this is a demo from when the tool first came out):

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  1. My students don't have access to handheld devices. Is this web tool still worthwhile?

  2. Yes. This tool was specifically designed for laptops/computers/Chromebooks. The only feature that would require a handheld device/tablet would be the QR Code. Htwever, there are QR scanners available as Chrome extensions but it isn't as easy as using a tablet to scan a QR code ;)

  3. I am just discovering this. Does this "play nice" with ActiveInspire Promethean boards?

    1. Hi Theresa! It works great with interactive boards :)

  4. Replies
    1. It does work on iPads; however, I personally think it works best using Chrome on a computer/laptop :)

  5. Hi! I visited the site, but it gives me a "blocked" message. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi there! I just tried it and it is working on my end. What web browser are you using? I think Chrome works best. Also, check to see if your browser needs updating. Are you at school when trying to access the site? If so, perhaps the filter is blocking it?

  6. I have made my Emoji characters, saved them to my computer from Google Drive, but I cannot figure out how to insert them into the text box on ClassroomScreen. Could you please tell me how to do that? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Beth! I had to upload mine to Giphy.com and then I was able to just drag and drop it onto the text box :)

  7. Hi there! Is there a way to create it beforehand and save?