How to Use a Split Screen to Increase Productivity in the Classroom

Using a Split Screen in the Classroom

How to Use a Split Screen to Increase Productivity in the classroom using Chromebooks, laptops, computers or iPads.

Did you know that you can view multiple web pages and/or applications at once on your digital device? My friend, Jennifer Kimbrell from Tech with Jen, and I were talking the other day about Chrome extensions that make viewing multiple webpages easy for students. I discovered that my "go to" extension, Split Screen, no longer was available and I started to look into other options. Just like everything else involved in the world of ed tech, I am constantly learning something new. Therefore, I wanted to share with you what I discovered last week!

The first thing I did was research for a different Chrome Extension™. I ended up using Split Tabs with a 3rd grade class and it worked amazingly well. 

I love how you can select the exact grid layout that works for you.

I also would like to point out that most devices these days have split screen capabilities for both web browsers and applications. Let's take a look...



There is a keyboard shortcut to snap your screen to the left or right hand side of a Chromebook.
Simply press Alt [ to snap to the left or Alt ] to snap to the right. 👌 Then pull your other tab to the empty side.


This is one that I JUST learned about and I am a MAC girl💁

When using a web-browser or any application, hold down the full screen button in the upper left. As you hold down the green button, your screen will shrink and you can drag it to the left or right hand side of your screen. Release and then you can click another window or application to open on the other side.

PC (Windows)

The district I worked for in Virginia had Dell laptops that ran Windows 7. I really miss those computers for this reason-->you can press the Windows button+the left/right arrow key to snap ANY application to appear on either side of your screen. You could also just drag a window to the far left or right and the Snap feature would put the application in place. Love that! Online Tech Tips provides more information about the PC split screen world in THIS  post.


I did know about this one but always forget to use it! You have the ability to snap your Safari browser to the left or right hand side of your screen when you are viewing your iPad screen in landscape mode. For now, I believe this only works on iPad Pros, iPad Air 2s and iPad Mini 4s.

This is a picture of my iPad showing two blogs side by side
You can also open two apps to run side by side. Check out the video tutorial HERE.


I am not well versed in the Android world but I know people will ask, "What about Android users?". HERE is a post you might find helpful. 

How to Use a Split Screen to Increase Productivity in the Classroom

Why would we want to use a split screen as a teacher and with our students?

Assist with Research

It is so nice for students to be able to have a web page up next to their note's doc. That way they aren't having to toggle back and forth between tabs while researching. I like using this technique myself!

Presentations Used with Other Web Tools

As a teacher, it is nice to have a presentation rolling while having a web tool students are using displayed. In the picture below you can see a Context Clues game I created in Google Slides™and a Today's Meet chat room opened on the right. Students guess the meaning of the made-up word by typing their answer in the chatroom.

*Techie Tip: Since you can't keep a Google Slides presentation in presentation mode with the split screen feature, you can hide the side panel so students can't see your slides by using James Malcolm's Toggle Side Panel bookmarklet.

Comparing and Contrasting

Use a split screen to compare and contrast websites, writing samples, graphs/data, your name it!

Here is a Facebook Live I did about using split screens in the classroom:

How else could we use split screens in the classroom? I would love for you to leave your ideas in the comments below☺

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