How to Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote

How to Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote

How to Use Your Phone as a Presentation Remote. Control your Google Slides™ presentation, PowerPoint presentation, Prezi presentation, etc. straight from your phone!

Last Thursday I presented at a Early Childhood Technology Conference here in Michigan. After my presentation was over there were a few attendees who came forward to ask what app I was using to control my Google Slides™ presentation with my iPhone. Therefore, I thought this topic would make a great blog post because there are many options for turning your phone into a presentation remote.

Here are a few I have tried in the past as well as the one I chose to use last Thursday.

My Pick☝

I ended up using Unified Remote last week. My presentation was in Google Slides™ and I needed to go back and forth between slides to refer to images in my presentation. Also, I needed to be able to click on links that would take me to outside web tools.

Unified Remote (Free with Paid Upgrades)

I did not pay for any upgrades. Since I needed the basic functionality of advancing and returning to slides, I ended up just using the slideshow remote feature:

The tool does allow for you to control the mouse, keyboard and other items:

Download the free app on your phone (iTunes/Google Play/Windows Phone) and the free software to your computer HERE. Once you connect to the server, launch your presentation & app and start controlling your presentation right from your phone. It was that easy and worked beautifully!

Unified Remote will control all types of presentations and is not limited to Google Slides™. I do wish it had the option to view your slides and speaker notes right from your phone.

Other Options:

Splashtop (Free for Personal Use, $29.99 per year Educator Subscription)

This tool has been around for awhile but is pretty awesome. You can control your entire computer (not just presentations) straight from your phone, tablet or even another computer. Download the app on your device HERE. Then download the Streamer onto your Mac or PC device. Create an account, login in both places and then GO!

Splashtop even provides and offers free trials to a Mirroring 360 Education Program as well as Splashtop Classroom

De Mobo Slides ($2.99)

De Mobo Slides allows you to control your presentation from your phone. You can view and advance your slides as well as see your speaker notes straight from your phone. There is even an option to use a timer within the app.

Download the phone app: Apple or Android.

This presentation remote will allow to you to control Google Slides, Prezi, Slideshare, Speakerdeck, Scribd and Issuu. Visit demobo.com/slides and enter the code that you are given when you launch the app on your phone. I LOVE how this tool allows the presenter to view the slides and speaker notes right from their phone. You even have an option of using a timer.  The reason I did not go with this presentation remote was that I needed to click on links embedded into my presentation and this will not allow you to launch those links within the De Mobo site.

Here is a video tutorial: 

Remote for Google Slides™ (Free)

This Chrome extension™ is super easy to use to control a Google Slides™ presentation! First, install the Chrome extension. Launch your presentation and change the end of the url where it says edit and several random characters to present.

The extension will populate a message that looks something like this:

Type in the url using a web browser on your phone. The slide number will launch and you tap your screen to advance your slide. You cannot go back to previous slides with this tool, just advance forward. If you tap your phone by accident, you can go back to the previous slide by pressing the back arrow on the computer.

Those are just a few I have used in the past. I think any of these options would be great for teachers and students to use during presentations. It allows for the presenter to walk around the room and keep close proximity to those who need a little reinforcement😉

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