Digital Tools for Map Skills Practice

Digital Tools for Map Skills Practice

Making digital maps is a fun activity for any unit on map skills. Here are some of my favorite web tools to use in the elementary classroom. These tools can be used on Chromebooks, laptops or computers.

Digital tools for map skills practice when using Chromebooks, laptops or computers. Technology in the classroom.


MapMaker is an easy to use tool that does not require a login. Students can create town maps and practice measuring distances with a digital ruler. You can read all about this tool HERE.

Use MapMaker to create digital maps. Technology in the classroom

Google Tour Builder

Three years ago I blogged about Google Tour Builder in THIS post. It is still one of my favorite tools to use to put a story on a map. Google Tour Builder is wonderful to use for all types of geography units. Students will need to sign in with their Google account. 

Scribble Maps

I have blogged about Scribble Maps in my 5 Easy Techie Tools for Social Studies and European Explorer Project posts. You have the option to sign in but it is not required. The drawing tools make it easy to mark-up any map.

National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

National Geographic's Map Maker is a wonderful tool to use with many features. Zoom in and out on maps, create layers, add drawings, insert video links and more! Read about all of the interactive features in THIS blog post.

Make a Map in Google Drive™

One of my most recent products, Make a Map in Google Drive™, makes a wonderful activity for any unit on map skills and/or communities. This project can be completed independently or collaboratively.
Make a Map Digital Project in Google Drive™ is a great way for students to explore map skills. It would even be a nice addition to a social studies unit on communities. This paperless project can be used independently or collaboratively using Chromebooks, laptops or computers.

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What are some other tools we could add to this list for elementary students?

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