Engage Your Audience with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides™

Engage Your Audience with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides™

Engage Your Audience with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides™: This post is for educators, technology integration specialists, administrators, and anyone who does public speaking! Embed polls right into your Google Slides™ presentations. Works with PowerPoint and Keynote too!
The popular polling web tool, Poll Everywhere, now has a Chrome extension that makes embedding different kinds of polls into your presentations quick and E-A-S-Y. It will work with Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides™. Today I am going to be focusing on the Chrome extension and will be demonstrating how this works with Google Slides™.

Once you install the Poll Everywhere Chrome extension, you will notice a Poll Everywhere dropdown menu appear on any Google Slides presentation you open.

This screenshot is taken from my Email 101 Presentation in Google Slides™
The first time you click on the dropdown menu you will be asked to create an account or sign into your Poll Everywhere account if you have previously used the website.

Polling Options

I absolutely LOVE all of the different polling options that you can embed right into your presentations. When you go to the Poll Everywhere dropdown menu>New>Poll, you will be prompted with this menu in which you can choose the type of poll you would like to create:

Here are a few examples:

Clickable Image: Can you find the 2 lime green markers that indicate where two of the participants were from?

Clickable Image: Use emojis for your younger students to click/tap! Can you find the two lime green markers where two participants clicked/tapped? 
Multiple Choice: These questions will create bar graphs. You can choose to make them horizontal or vertical. 
Multiple Choice: You can even insert your own images for answer choices!

Open Ended: You can opt to have open ended answers displayed as a word cloud
Other ways you can display open ended answers include:


You can even customize your polls! There are many options:

I love how I can even add my branding to my questions:

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for a FREE K-12 education account that will allow you to have up to 40 participants. The free version contains many wonderful options and varieties for different kinds of polls. The premium subscriptions come with a few more bells and whistles and you can check out the price list HERE. If you are not an educator, click HERE.

Facebook Live

Check out this Facebook Live I did of Poll Everywhere for Google Slides in action:

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