New Year's Resolution Accountability Chart {Digital & Paper}

New Year's Resolution Accountability Chart

Are you looking for a digital way to have students make their New Year's Resolutions and hold them accountable? I have something for you and your students right here!

Students will LOVE "RINGING" in the New Year with this FREE New Year's Resolution accountability iPhone chart. There are lots of options for keeping this activity digital/paperless or printing, cutting and hanging as a bulletin board. Students will add an app each week they keep their resolutions (for 6 weeks).

Regardless of where you are in your digital journey, my New Year's Resolutions Accountability Chart (they look like iPhones!) can be used in any classroom..on paper, Chromebooks, laptops, computers or iPads.

New Year's Resolutions Accountability Chart: Paper or Digital options!

Have students "RING" in the New Year by typing or writing their resolution on one of the cell phones I provide in THIS free download. At the end of each week (for 6 weeks) they will check their phone and "download" (add) a new app if they have kept their resolution. This is a great way to hold them accountable for the resolution they make for the new year.

Paper Option

This download comes as a PowerPoint file in which all of the slides are set to print on 11x8.5 paper. You can print out the sheet of phones (4 to a page), cut and hand out to students. Students can use a white colored pencil to write their name at the top of the phone. Then they can write in their resolution in the white space of the phone. Students can add their apps by cutting and pasting the numbered apps I provide on slide 10, use stickers to mark the app boxes or design their own app with crayons or colored pencils each week that they successfully keep their resolution.

This will also make an adorable bulletin board. I even include a poster that reads: Ringing in the New Year!

Digital Option

You could keep this accountability chart digital in several ways!

1. Keep it as the PowerPoint file that comes in this download. Delete all of the slides except slide 6  and assign to students. Have them type their name and New Year's resolution in the text boxes provided.

Students can design their own apps using the shape/line tools in PowerPoint. I also provide a link to a Google folder of moveable pieces students can download and use to drag and drop on top of the phone. Slide 7 has the moveable pieces already on the slide for students to drag and drop.

2. Import the PowerPoint presentation into Google Slides, delete and extra slides and assign to students (via Google Classroom, shared folder, email, LMS, etc.) Students can design their apps each week by using the built in tools, add images they find via an image search (make sure they are finding copyright free images!) or use the digital pieces I have provided.

3. Save slide 6 as a jpeg image (or just screenshot it!). Assign the image to students via Seesaw. Students can write or type over the image to add their resolution. They can mark their weekly apps by using emojis (via the keyboard) or drawing on their canvas.

Have fun making New Year's Resolutions and setting goals for 2018. Enjoy!

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