Easy to Use Tools for Creating AUDIO QR Codes

Easy to Use Tools for Creating AUDIO QR Codes

Easy to use tools for creating audio QR codes for the classroom using Chromebooks, laptops, computers, iPads and other tablets.

What is the easiest way to create AUDIO QR Codes? is a question I hear often. If you have ever wondered how to do this, here are a few easy to use tools I highly recommend:


Perhaps the most well-known and intuitive tool for creating audio recordings that will also generate a QR Code is Vocaroo. It is a web-based tool that requires you to record on a Chromebook, laptop or computer but can be played back on any device including iPads and other tablets. It is important to note that the QR codes will expire after a few months. An alternative is to download the recording right from Vocaroo as an mp3, upload the mp3 to Google Drive or Dropbox and then turn that link into a QR code using a site like QR Stuff or the Chrome extension Quick QR Code Generator.

Cloud QR Generator App

The Cloud QR Generator App ($3.99) for iOS is one of my favorites! You can also find it in the Google Play store by clicking HERE ($3.49). This app will create all kinds of different QR codes, one of which is audio QR codes!

Here is a Facebook Live I did awhile ago about these two tools if you would like to see the steps to take to make these audio QR codes (fast forward to 0:38):


For those of you who use Seesaw, I highly recommend using the audio recording feature that is built into Notes that can be turned into a QR code right within the platform. Andrew Leiser created this wonderful video tutorial to show you exactly how to accomplish this:

Other Methods

When working with teachers who do not use Seesaw, Vocaroo and Cloud QR Generator are my go-tos because very few steps are involved in creating the QR codes. But I would like to mention that there are other methods if you are up for it! Depending on what kind of device you and your students have access to will depend on the tools you use.

You can always have students record their voice using a computer program like Audacity or apps like Voice Memos or Voice Recorder. These tools will allow you to record audio and save it as a mp3 file. You would then need to upload the mp3 to Google Drive or Dropbox and then turn that link into a QR code using a site like QR Stuff or a Chrome extension like Quick QR Code Generator (same thing as I mentioned above for Vocaroo if you wanted the QR code to last longer than a few months).

Ideas for Using AUDIO QR Codes in the Classroom

  • Teacher records directions to leave at a center
  • Give differentiated spellings tests
  • Create an audio library (an adult can record themselves reading books-paste the QR codes on the inside cover of the book)
  • Book reviews
  • Students read their writing and attach a QR code for others to listen to
  • Fluency practice (students can paste codes in a notebook and go back to listen to their earlier recordings to see how they have improved as a reader.)
  • Students talk about their drawings and attach a QR code for an interactive display
How else could we use audio QR codes in the classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I have a question for when you upload recordings with Google Drive and then use QR Stuff as your generator. Why is it that when I scan my code it wants me to put in my google password for to listen to the recording? Am I doing this wrong? Is there anyway I can make it so it doesn't ask for a password?

    1. Hi! It sounds like you might need to change the share settings of the QR code to "anyone with the link can view". To do this, open the QR code from your Drive, click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner, click Share, click Advanced, click Change next to "Specific People Can Access" and select the middle option :)

  2. Do parents have to have the cloud QR generator app to be able to scan and hear the audio associated with the QR code??? I want to add a qr code to my students writing and I want parents to be able to listen to their child read their writing.

    1. They can scan the QR code with ANY QR scanner :) iPhone users can even scan QR codes with their camera app.

  3. Hi. I loved your video! I have a voicemail on my android phone (samsung galaxy S7)
    It is of my brother, who passed away 2 years ago. How would I get a qr code? Thank you.

    1. Hi Tina! I am so very sorry to hear about your brother. That is such a great idea to turn his message into a QR code. I guess what I could do is put the phone on speaker, hit record in a recording program like Audacity, Video Recorder, or any mentioned in this post and then press play on your voice mail to record. Then take that .mp3 and turn it into a QR code. There might be a better way but that is the only thing coming to mind right now. I'll let you know if I think of something better.

  4. Amazing! Thanks for making this post :)

  5. Hi,

    Do you have similar tutorial for video files? I love your YouTube video on the QR cloud app for audio files but I would really like to use video files. When I try it wants me to log into google drive which I'm trying to avoid doing. Thank you!

    1. Hi! This post mentions how you can easily use Seesaw to turn a video into a QR Code: https://www.thetechieteacher.net/2019/05/how-to-create-audio-qr-kids.html. Flipgrid now has the ability to create a QR code from individual videos under the "Share" menu! If you want to use Google Drive, be sure to change the share settings to "Anyone with the link can view" (without having to sign-in). Hope that helps!