Make Scheduling Quick and Easy with Doodle

Make Scheduling Quick and Easy with Doodle

Come learn how you can make scheduling events and meetings quick and easy using the digital tool, Doodle.

Doodle is a digital tool that will allow you to create and send polls when scheduling meetings, get togethers, events, etc.. It simplifies the scheduling process by aggregating common dates that users submit through their poll responses. For instance, here are the results from a poll I sent to some friends when trying to schedule a get-together. I love the visual graphic that allows me to quickly see that April 26th works best for everyone.


☝There is a free plan (what I use). However, if you are interested in a more robust scheduler they do have paid plans with many incredible features:

How does it work?

  • Go to doodle.com and create a free account
  • Click the blue +Create Doodle button
  • Enter your poll title, the location of your event and any details
  • Click on all of the options for possible dates (you can even add different times)

  • Click Finish
  • A link will then be available that you can copy and send out via text, email or post in your school's LMS. There is even an option to email it out straight from the website.

Disclaimer: My husband was the one who told ME about this tool a few months ago. Since then I have started using it for all kinds of events. I promised I would give him credit for introducing me to Doodle. 😂Meet Tim Smith...
Sorry ladies, this hunk is taken😉

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