Easy Way to Create Chatbots Using Google Forms

Easy Way to Create Chatbots Using Google Forms

Easy Way to Create Chatbots Using Google Forms with Fobi.io

Fobi.io is a free tool that will allow you or older students to easily make chatbots using Google Forms, no coding required. Basically, a chatbot is computer software that interacts with humans via a chat interface. They have become very popular amongst businesses the past few years. Perhaps you have interacted with a chatbot in Facebook messenger? I engage quite frequently with Zulily's chatbot 😂To learn more about chatbots check out The Complete Beginner's Guide to Chatbots. That's where I discovered Fobi.io!

Fobi.io's privacy policy states that their service does not address anyone under the age of 13. So unfortunately our elementary kiddos would not be able to create their own chatbot. However, keep reading..you might still find a use for this! Perhaps your class could create a chatbot together to add to your class blog/website.

Fobi.io creates the most simplistic kind of chatbots since they are scripted.  All you need is a Google account! You can easily create your own chatbot with this tool if you are familiar with how to create multiple choice or short answer questions in Google Forms. Here is an example of one I made to go along with a unit on simple machines:

Once my question and answer choices were added, I copied the url to the form (it doesn't have to be the url to a live form). See purple arrow above. I then pasted it into Fobi.io.

When I clicked Create bot, I was brought to the form below in which I had to add a Bot response for each answer choice. Ex. Sorry that is incorrect or You're exactly right!

After I added my responses to each answer choice on the three questions I included in my Google Form, I clicked Save Bot which took me to this screen:

You can share your bot via email, social media, a link or embed into your blog/website! Give my bot a try below or click HERE:

Click HERE for an example of another chatbot that includes only short answer questions.

Classroom Connection

Aside from creating basic review questions and writing various types of sentences (statements, questions & exclamations), wouldn't it be fun to create a Character or Famous Historical Figure Chatbot? Students would be challenged to think of questions and responses from the point of view of a character in a story or historical figure. Elementary teachers could have students submit their individual ideas via a Google Form or brainstorm on a virtual collaboration board and then the class could work together (the teacher could create the Google Form in his/her account) to create a character chatbot to send to another class. With digital breakouts and escape rooms becoming increasingly popular in the classroom, having students interact with a chatbot would be another creative way for them to earn their clues. It would also make a great addition to any mystery unit! How else could Fobi.io be used in the classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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