Tools for Creating Timelines in the Elementary Classroom

Tools for Creating Timelines in the Elementary Classroom

Come check out these easy to use tools elementary students can utilize to create timelines. Great for history and social studies projects! A free timeline template in Google Slides is provided in this post.

Last week I had a 2nd grade teacher ask me for a recommendation for a digital timeline maker. I couldn't believe I didn't have a blog post I could send her with some of my favorite tools! Here are a few I like to use in the elementary classroom because they are FREE and no login is required.

Read, Write, Think's Timeline Maker

If I had to choose my favorite timeline maker for elementary students I think I would have to go with Read, Write, Think's Timeline Maker which is also available as an iOS app. Students can easily plug in their information as well as images and the timeline maker creates a beautiful timeline in one click.

I really like this tool because students have the ability to save their work (saves as a .rwt file) and come back at a later time to finish.

Soft Schools Timeline Maker

Soft Schools Timeline Maker is a very simple timeline maker which is great for our youngest learners! Students type the event date and description into the boxes and click Generate Timeline. Students cannot add images with this timeline maker.

Google Slides

If your students have Google accounts then you might be interested in getting them to create a timeline in Google Slides. ☝This will require students to login unless you make a copy for each student/group and change the sharing permissions to everyone with the link can edit.

Richard Brynes from Free Technology for Teachers created THIS video tutorial that will demonstrate how you can create a timeline right in Google Slides.

Free timeline template in Google Slides™

I also created this FREE timeline template in Google Slides. Click HERE to make a copy. I grouped each colored circle to the Date text box and event description text box so they can be moved around easily with one click. Students simply type in their information and then position the colored circles on the gray line as they relate to the dates listed (this is a VERY hard concept for younger students). If students do not have 7 events to add to the timeline then they can just click on a colored circle and press delete. If time allows have students add images using the built in image search or one of these websites for finding images for projects. What is nice about using Google Slides to create timelines is that students have the ability to work collaboratively. They could also make INTERACTIVE timelines by hyperlinking their images or dates to another slide to type a description about the event. Videos, images, drawings, recordings and other items could appear on these slides.

FREE Timeline Template in Google Slides. Students can easily create digital, interactive timelines using Google Drive!

Other Options:

Have you created timelines in the classroom? There are so many different tools available! I would love to know what you like to use. Let me know in the comments below😀

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