The Best Headphones for Elementary Students

The Best Headphones for Elementary Students and Kids

Any elementary educator knows the struggle of finding the perfect pair of headphones for students. So many headphones are either too bulky, hurt students' ears, have poor sound quality, are extremely expensive and the list goes on! I'm here to tell you about THE BEST headphones I have come across after visiting a countless number of schools and talking to MANY educators and students. This is not a sponsored blog post😉.

I present to you the affordable and colorful headphones made by LILGADGETS. I first saw Lilgadget headphones in a computer lab I visited a few years ago. They were folded up so nicely and stored in a plastic hanging shoe organizer. I wish I had taken a picture! I was immediately drawn towards all of the beautiful different color options.

The lab I mentioned above opted to have different colored headphones. However I quickly realized the kids were fighting over the colors. Who could blame them? I know I would want to use the purple set💁. Therefore, if I were in charge of a lab or had my own classroom I would make sure to stick with one color.

That's exactly what my friend, Kim from A Love of Teaching, did! After we chatted one day about these headphones, she set out to purchase them for her lab, media center and a Chromebook cart at her school. She got a set of all blue headphones for her computer lab, a set of green headphones for their media center, and a set of purple headphones for the Chromebook cart. She and her students are in LOVE.

What Makes Them So Special?
  • 93db
  • they fold into a compact size
  • noise cancelling
  • light weight
  • snag free cushioning
  • non-pinching
  • polycarbonates provide strength & durability
  • adjustable to fit kindergarten-fifth grade students
  • removable audio cable
  • can easily disinfected
  • SharePort®, connect multiple headphones together, no splitter required
  • one year warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

I absolutely LOVE how they can be plugged together without needing a splitter for times when students are working on the same device!

The Best Headphones for Elementary Students and Kids


Below are the models of Lilgadget headphones/earbuds available. Click HERE to go to their website to read more about each.

Where Can These Be Purchased?

Amazon! Click my affiliate links below:


You can also find them at Target.

Of course, you can always order straight from their website. Discounts are offered to teachers and schools that buy their headphones in case quantities and they also accept school purchase orders! Click HERE to request educational pricing.


Believe me, I KNOW the struggle of finding funds to purchase extra supplies for the classroom. Therefore, I always encourage educators to apply for grants to purchase supplies like these headphones for their classroom. Check out THIS resource put together by Bird Brain Technologies that can help guide you.

Enter to WIN!

**CLOSED!** THIS Saturday (2/16) I am teaming up with Lilgadgets for a giveaway happening on both my Facebook page and Instagram page. You can enter to win TWO sets of Lilgadget headphones! Each post is a DIFFERENT giveaway so be sure to enter both✌.
The Best Headphones for Elementary Students and Kids

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