Easily Create Jeopardy-Style Games with Factile

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

If you are looking to create your own online Jeopardy-style games and quizzes, check out Factile! This platform allows teachers to create their own games or use already created activities from their database. I love how students can play 4 different ways:

Free Accounts & Pro Accounts

Factile has a completely free option as well as paid home, school, and business pro accounts.

I had a chance to try out the school pro account and I absolutely LOVED how students can turn their devices into buzzers as well as how you have the ability to add images, videos and equations to questions and answers!

Easily Create Online Jeopardy-Style Games with Factile

Creating Your Own Game

Creating your own game is super easy and you get to enter your own custom URL that you share with students.

There are all sorts of formatting options for your questions and answers:

Once you have finished setting up your activity, there are many ways you can share your game with students including via Google Classroom! You could also opt to play the game as a whole class and project it on your board/television.

When your custom URL is accessed for the activity you created, the user has the following options for how they wish to practice the material:

Choose how many teams are playing:

Then choose your team captains!

Let the games begin!