A High Quality Adaptive Online Program for the Elementary Classroom

free adaptive online program for kids in the elementary classroom
This is a sponsored post by eSpark. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for a research-based online program that not only provides a high quality learning experience for students but also values student engagement and morale? If so, I highly encourage you to take some time to learn more about eSpark, a differentiated and adaptive computer program for grades K-5 that is now free forever for teachers!

I first observed students using eSpark in 2017 when I visited Saline Public Schools. Many teachers used it as a station while they worked with small groups. Students took a placement test in the beginning of the year that was completed in eSpark and specific learning quests were created to meet each child at their learning level. eSpark also has the option to upload third party data such as NWEA and STAR scores that can be used instead of the placement test. As students begin working through eSpark, teachers can see down to specific standards where remediation and enrichment need to occur.

What Makes up a Quest?

Each learning quest includes:
  • a pre-quiz
  • framing videos
  • instructional videos
  • practice activities
  • critical thinking 
  • challenges
  • a post quiz
The practice activities include things like games, songs, videos, books and more!

My Favorite Feature

What I have always loved about eSpark is how they value student social emotional learning. We all know if a student isn't feeling empowered and engaged then learning isn't going to happen. Each time a child logs onto eSpark, they are greeted with this checkin to help teachers monitor how their students are feeling:

But wait, that's not all! Once students master a Quest they are asked to give the activity a thumbs up or thumbs down. In order for an activity to remain in the database, it must maintain a high student engagement rating! I LOVE that 😍.

Head over the eSpark to sign-up and start exploring!

a high quality adaptive online program for the elementary classroom