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Teaching Highlighting Skills

Sunday, September 8, 2013 / 3 comments
Teaching highlighting skills to students is an important job of a teacher. It isn't always the easiest skill to teach yet every child needs to learn how to sift out important information from text. Highlighting is becoming trickier as reading passages are turning into digital texts and students have to make meaning from words that are in various formats across a computer screen. I stumbled upon his clever little tool the other day: inFocus. This easy to use site lets you highlight and focus on specific sections of a website that you are trying to draw information from during your research process. Here is a closer look:
Let's say you are conducting research on the Revolutionary War. I found a great, child friendly website through kidrex.org and pasted it into the box above. inFocus let me drag a box around the important information I wanted to highlight so I could focus on that one section. Take a look…

In my TpT store I have interactive SMARTboard and Promethean activities that walk students through the importance of highlighting key information effectively. Here are some of the slides:

Click on the links below if you are interested in these activities:


  1. Nice! As a high school teacher, I plan to "grow this up a little" before I use it, but it's so true that kids come to us not knowing how to do these things-- we have to show them.

    I'm hosting a teacher linky party, "Better Together," this week. I'd for you to join us!

  2. I like this activity but I couldn't find it in your store. Did you take it down?

    1. Yes I did...so sorry! I no longer have the software on my computer so I couldn't make updates. Maybe I could remake it in PowerPoint and post? Would that work?


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