Brainy Box 3D Presentation Web Tool

Use the Brainy Box web tool to create 3D presentations. Create on laptops or chromebooks. The cube can be viewed on any device-iPads&tablets

Brainy Box by Classroomtools.net is an easy to use web tool that students can use to create all sorts of fun presentations/review games. It is a presentation tool that looks like a die that rolls when you press the numbers below. Check out this Back to School Brainy Box I created. (Maybe now our students will remember that a cube has SIX sides)
Those who really want to step it up a level can embed videos, images and links into their slides. Once your Brainy Box has been saved, you can access it from any device as along as you have the link! No membership is required. You can also send your Brainy Box via email and embed them into your blog. The website can generate a QR Code for your Brainy Box too!

Have students create a Brainy Box about a historical figure. Or, have them create review questions. You could even have your students create a Brainy Box to chart story elements. Get creative!