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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brainy Box is an easy to use Web 2.0 Tool that students can use to create all sorts of fun presentations/review games. It is a presentation tool that looks like a di that rolls when you press the numbers below. Check out this Back to School Brainy Box I created. (Maybe now our students will remember that a cube has SIX sides)
Those who really want to step it up a level can embed videos, images and links into their slides. Once your Brainy Box has been saved, you can access it from any device as along as you have the link! You can also send your Brainy Box via email and embed them into your blog. The program can generate the QR Code for your Brainy Box too!

Now for our guest blogger….

Monitoring Classroom Computers With Computer Monitoring Software
As a teacher, keeping children safe when using any kind of equipment is paramount. When it comes to the internet, we all know what's lurking out there and although schools usually have pretty good firewalls and intra-nets in place, smart kids sometimes have a way of getting around them – especially as they get a bit older.
There are a range of reasons you may want to monitor classroom computers. You may wish to simply monitor one computer – because one child is acting out in class and you want to keep an eye on their digital behavior when your back is turned. Or you may have a troublesome class in general, and want to monitor the entire classroom. Whatever the reason, computer monitoring software is great for teachers who only have one set of hands, and can't be everywhere at once.

Computer monitoring software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Average computer monitoring software can be installed on a computer and will run stealthily, so that the user doesn't know they're being monitored. You can then look back through the reports at items like websites visited, applications used, keystrokes typed and document/file activity. You can usually also look at screen shots of the students activities. Computer monitoring software like this is great for a small classroom or a single computer.

If you're looking to monitor an entire large classroom or school you may want to look into something a little bit more substantial. Googling 'classroom monitoring software' will produce a range of companies offering software to this end, although be warned, monitoring a large number of computers can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

Classroom monitoring software will have a number of advantages over average computer monitoring software. The monitoring will usually be done from a single, centralized location. So that you'll be able to see information from every computer in the classroom from your own computer. You'll usually be able to see a small real-time video of each students screen so you that you can see every screen easily from your own computer.

Other features you'll usually find in classroom monitoring software (depending on the developer) will be the ability to choose which websites or applications your students are using, the ability to control your students computers remotely, and the ability to share files between computers. One developer includes the handy feature of being able to make every classroom monitor go blank, whenever you need the entire classes attention.

Whether you need average monitoring software, or full classroom monitoring software (or neither) will be dictated by your situation. It's probably advisable not to go down the entire classroom route unless your 100% sure you need to. If you have a single, manageable problem then single computer monitoring is probably the way to go.
If you'd like to know more about computer monitoring software, check out http://www.geckomonitor.com which has the features mentioned above and a free trial.  

Written by: Lewis Waller

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