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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fourth grade at one of my elementary schools has been studying graphing this week. Today we made Google Spreadsheets and inserted double bar graphs as well as a line graph about data students researched. The first thing we graphed was amount of storms (thunderstorms, hurricanes and tropical storms) in a given area. Students picked a different part of the world to research the amount of storms that occurred over 5 years. Their GT teacher gave them the data sheet below and they had conducted the research before I came in. Click the image to take you to this handout.
Next, they logged into their Google accounts and created a Google spreadsheet in which they entered their data. Once their data was entered, they highlighted all of the cells and went to Insert>Chart>Charts and choose a double bar graph.

Then they changed the title, x-axis label, y-axis label and finished off changing the colors of their graph. Finally, each child took a screenshot of their graph and uploaded it to the Padlet wall below:

All sorts of graphs can be created within Google spreadsheets. Check it out:

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