SMART board digital resources

SB Tip #2

Do you subscribe to Scholastic/Weekly Reader or TIME for Kids? If not, YOU NEED TO!! These are such excellent resources that incorporate current events into your reading program. These magazines come with a digital edition that makes teaching reading skills absolutely unbelievable and it amazes me how many teachers don’t know about its potential!

Here is how I teach using my Scholastic/Weekly Reader:

First, we use the Vocabulary to Know feature on the digital edition. This teaches the kids major vocabulary that they will encounter during the reading. The computer reads both the word and definition aloud. Colorful pictures are included that help enhance the word’s meaning.

Second, we use the digital edition cover page and click on the Pre-reading questions. These questions help activate prior knowledge. Usually there is a quick video clip that helps add to the reader’s background knowledge.

Third, we walk through the digital edition together. There are awesome features here, my favorite being the HIGHLIGHTER. You can opt for the computer to read the articles aloud while the words light up but I usually read them aloud myself. We stop every so often to view videos that are embedded or bring up comprehension questions that are provided.

Fourth, after we have read through the magazine we play the Trivia Game that tests comprehension of the text.
Fifth, I have my students buddy read the entire article and complete the questions on the back together.

Sixth, (this happens the next day) we go over the questions on the back and I give the students the 10 question No Sweat Test Prep Comprehension Check that comes with the magazine and I take it for a grade.

Here is a picture of a student pulling up a video of a volcano erupting:
Here is a picture of a student playing "Know the News". She is looking back into the passage to double check her answerYAY!
Even if you do not have a SMART board, you could set the digital edition up on your computers and make it a center for the students. They can even access this at home! Do you have ESL Spanish speaking students? The digital edition has a feature in which you can turn the entire article into Spanish text.