SMART board revising

SB Tip #5

One really powerful way to incorporate the SMART board into writing lessons is by shared writing and by modeling revising tricks. I love to do whole class interactive writing pieces. We come up with a topic as a class and I stand at the computer and type each sentence students dictate for me to add to our piece. Our draft is projected on our SMART board (you could just use your computer and LCD projector for this). This makes it easy for the teacher to write since you can go back and delete and re-type as students are dictating sentences. If a sentence seems out of sequence, you can show your class how to put it in the proper placement so the piece of writing flows better. Just simply cut and paste!

After we create a piece of writing and read through to edit any errors, I introduce "revising" time. I pick students to come up to the board and double tap nouns. As a class we then think of juicy adjectives to put in front of the nouns to make our writing more detailed and descriptive. You will see the example below. The words in red are the words that the students double tapped and the words in blue are the juicy adjectives we added to make the writing come alive. This is a great trick for not only revising but also for reviewing parts of speech! You can do the same thing by double tapping verbs and adding adverbs after the verbs. The students get a kick out of double tapping the words and seeing the word "magically" be highlighted by the computer. I know…it sounds so simple but it is just another trick that keeps the kids entertained!