Types of Lines FREEBIE

We had so much fun the other day learning about parallel, intersecting and perpendicular lines! I started off the lesson by playing this song from Study Jams and then walking the class through the slideshow:
Afterwards, in math groups, we used two iPads and completed the lesson and activity for lines on the Geometry4Kids App. These are some pictures taken from the iPad screen of the Geometry App. It is well worth the $1.99. Click HERE to take you to the App Store.

To wrap up the day's lesson, we ended with a fun art project. Below you will find a FREEBIE for 7 different pages that contain parallel, intersecting or perpendicular lines. Students randomly choose a paper and created a scene that incorporated the specific set of lines. The object of the activity was to mask the lines within their picture without being too tricky. My students had a BLAST looking at each other's pictures and trying to find their lines. Here are some examples:

A picture of our creations! 

Click HERE for the FREEBIE


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  2. I also found you through Mrs. Fultz's blog. I love the pictures your kids made. Very creative and super cute!! I am now a follower.
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  4. I found your blog through Mrs. Fultz's blog too! I think I need to check out those apps - they look really interesting! Love the pics the kids made! Adding to the follower count too! Great looking blog - nice to 'meet' you.

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  5. I found you, like everyone else, from Mrs. Fultz's blog!! You have an amazing website. I will definitely try out your activity that you did with your students. I am your newest follower!!

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  6. So cute! I love art and math integration! Too bad we don't teach types of lines in 5th grade math anymore. I found you through Diane's new Blogs by State page. Yay Virginia bloggers!

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