Want a CHEAP document camera?

If you are like me and have been DYING to get rid of your dinosaur overhead projector and trade it in for a document camera, then keep reading! I hear of so many schools that have document cameras in each classroom. Unfortunately our county can’t supply such wonderful pieces of technology due to our budget constraints. 

What is a document camera? Quite simply it is a video camera that plugs into any kind of projector. You can put anything under it and it will be displayed on your computer/projector. I wanted one to show student writing quickly, show science experiments so everyone can see what I am doing, show how to use fractions of a ruler, do away with transparencies and the list could go on and on…

One day when I was perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon an ad for the IPEVO document camera that was being advertised for $69.00. After doing a little research and browsing through Amazon.com, my IPEVO document camera was being shipped to me for only $52.00! The $100.00 that our fabulous PTA gives us each year was well spent! I have used the document camera in my classroom for the past month and I have nothing but wonderful things to say given the incredibly low price. Of course if I were offered the $500 Elmo document camera, I wouldn’t turn it down!

Check out the IPEVO document camera:

Do any of YOU have a document camera in your classroom? If so, what is your favorite way to use it?