Simple Machines

We have been busy in 3rd grade learning all about Simple Machines. Tomorrow we will have a Simple Machines review day as students visit five different learning stations to review all simple machines. My iPad station will work on the Simple Machines App:
Click on the picture to take you to the app at the iTunes store

My computer station will have the following AMAZING EdHeads website for students to explore. I love this website because the students have to click on various pictures within a scene and identify the simple machine used:
Click on the picture to take you to the site

Check out our pictures of us investigating Simple Machines:
 Testing out various heights of inclined planes and measuring distance traveled
 Our Lever: Moving the fulcrum closer to the load makes it easier to lift the load!
 Creating a screw from an inclined plane

 Wheel and Axel Car
 Pulley: Delivering messages
 A different kind of pulley
Using the flag pulley