YakIt App: Writing with VOICE Freebie

Blabberize.com use to be a staple Web 2.0 tool I would use in my classroom until I changed counties and the site didn't seem to work as smoothly. I was so excited when one of my fellow ITRTs showed me the FREE app, YakIt. Not only can you take a photo and select an animated mouth that you design on your own or pick from a menu, it will also record your voice and let you select different scenes! Furthermore, you can add animated eyes, a nose and fun eyebrows to your character. Once you create your YakIt, simply save your video to the Camera Roll and email yourself the video or put it in DropBox. Check out my "Presidents" YakIt:

Presidents YakIt from Julie on Vimeo.

Here is one I created using a photo of my two dogs:

 Creating YakIts on the iPad is EASY. You first need to find a picture or several pictures. You can take a picture with the camera. Or, if you find a picture on your iPad using an internet browser, all you have to do is press and hold the picture and a menu will pop up. Press "Save Image" and it will go straight to your camera roll. Then open YakIt and start creating!

I can't wait to use this app with 2nd graders next week to help out with their new writing unit on "Voice". We can put a talking mouth on ANYTHING: a pencil, a door, an IPAD…Ahhhh…the possibilities are endless! Check out my talking pencil:
Voice Lesson from Julie on Vimeo.

Here are two different planning sheets your students can use to plan out their YakIt creation. One planning sheet is for basic YakIt creations that involve only one scene. The other is for multiple scenes/characters:

Speaking of teaching Writing with VOICE, check out this cute crafty at my TpT store:


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