Affixes with JG and the Boys

Today JG and the Boys (Jim Covais, Tyler Hart, Ryan Stein and myself) had so much fun in 3rd grade at Highland Springs Elementary! Our academic focus was on affixes: prefixes, root words and suffixes. We explored how knowledge of affixes will help us expand our vocabulary and break down unfamiliar words. Each class came to the library for an hour. We kicked off the lesson by listening to Flocabulary's Prefix Rap.
After a quick review of prefixes, suffixes, and root words, each student chose a word from a list that had both a prefix and suffix. Using an iPad, students clicked on a Stoodle collaboration board link. Stoodle offers real-time collaboration on a virtual whiteboard with as many pages that are needed. I set up each class with their own Stoodle Page with 25 pages – one for each student. Our awesome colleague, Sarah Green, had shown some of our team this awesome tool, so we had to use it in this lesson! Once students were in their Stoodle “classroom”, each child selected their student number at the bottom of the page. Students entered their word and were asked to circle the prefix in green, underline the root word in yellow, box the suffix in red, and use the drawing tool to draw a picture of what they thought their word represented. Once everyone was finished, students were able to click through the other pages to see their peers’ thinking.  Check out a few examples from the students:  
After the Stoodle fun, students worked in small groups with an ITRT. Each ITRT's station had a special project on the ipads: Jim’s Station – Prefix/Suffix Padlet Game Students had to write as many words with prefixes or suffixes and place them in their box. When it was their turn, they had to choose a word from any box that was not theirs. They had to figure out if the word has a prefix or suffix. Whoever had the most words left won! Here’s a picture of the game:
Tyler’s Station – Popplet Prefix/Suffix Web Making Students made prefix/suffix word web graphic organizers using the app, Popplet. Students made a text box of a prefix or suffix. Then students made a web of text boxes with words that used that prefix or suffix. They also were able to take a picture or draw a picture to show what that word means. T’Kari did an awesome job!
Ryan’s Station: – YakiT Kids and Animoto Students used YakiT to create animated pictures providing information about prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Student imported their YakIt videos into Animoto to make more dynamic slideshows.
My StationPic and Vid Stitch Poster with Tellagami Students went to a Comemories site that I had made which housed a few pictures that represented affixes. They were asked to choose three to add to their camera roll and would need to be able to talk about their pictures later on. The students then uploaded their 3 pictures into a four section template in the app, Pic&Vid Stitch. The remaining space in the template was for a talking avatar that was created in Tellagami and uploaded into the Pic&Vid Stitch template. Students created their avatar in Tellagami and recorded their voices explaining the difference between prefixes, root words and suffixes. They also had to speak a little bit about the pictures they had uploaded from the Comemeories site as well.
To wrap up the lesson, students pulled up a Google Form that served as a reflection. This form asked them two questions: “How would you rate today’s lesson on a scale of 0-5?” and “How could you use the apps you used today in your classroom?” Watch out Adam Elementary! We’re coming to see you soon!