Famous Americans and a FREEBIE

“POOF! You have magically traveled back in time to spend the day with a Famous American of your choice. What did you see? What did you talk about? What did you learn?” After hearing the authentic task, kindergarten students in a class I was working with got to choose one of the five Famous Americans as required in the Virginia Social Studies Standard K.1: Betsy Ross, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Pocahontas and Powhatan. Students were matched up with a partner who wanted to create a project on the same Famous American and together used Pebblego.com to research their person. Then groups constructed an imaganative digital story about their visit and the things they experienced using the app, Tellagami. The students wrote, illustrated the background, labeled important people and places and narrated their story. Finally, digital stories were shared so all kindergarteners could learn from and enjoy each others' work.

Here is a quick video about their fun Famous American Project:

Back to the Future from Julie on Vimeo.

Check out some of the projects:

Sample 1 from Julie on Vimeo.

Sample 2 from Julie on Vimeo.

Sample 3 from Julie on Vimeo.

Speaking of Famous Americans, I just posted my latest product on TpT: Famous American Reading Passages. This pack has passages about 16 different Famous Americans.

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Helen Keller
Martin Luther King. Jr.
Jackie Robinson
Susan B. Anthony
George Washington Carver
Benjamin Franklin
Betsy Ross
Cesar Chavez
Rosa Parks
Alexander Graham Bell
Harriet Tubman
John Hancock
Eleanor Roosevelt

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