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Visual Verb Poster

Thursday, April 24, 2014 / Leave a Comment
Today Miss McGovern, one of HSES' amazing student teachers, invited me into her classroom for a F-U-N technology lesson all about verbs. She wanted her students to take pictures of each other acting out different verbs. Students were split into partners and each set of partners shared an iPad. The kids took pictures of each other acting out different verbs:
From April 24, 2014
From April 24, 2014
Afterwards, students worked with their partner to create a "Visual Verb Poster" using the app, Sticky. They used virtual sticky notes to create a title and add their names. Then they chose a background texture and uploaded their pictures. Students arranged their stickies and pictures in a way that they thought looked best:
From April 24, 2014
From April 24, 2014
Check out their final creations:


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