Review Game Ideas Linky Party!

It is that time of year when everyone is in REVIEW mode. So much material to review and still teach but so little time! I am hosting a Linky Party and would LOVE for you to link up with your favorite way(s) to review with your kiddos. Here is the embed code for the button icon above (Thank you to Melonheadz for the cute clipart and Graphics from the Pond for the digital background and frame):

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My favorite review game: 

When I was in the classroom my kids loved to play a review game that I called "Dog Pound". The class would stand in a straight line shoulder to shoulder and I would ask a review question. Everyone HAD to listen because I only asked the question ONCE and they didn't know who would be called on. Then I would randomly choose a student to answer. If he/she got the answer incorrect, he/she would head back to their desk and sit down ("the dog pound"). If the question was answered correctly, the student would send either the person standing to their left or the person standing to their right back to their seat. However, those who were sent to the dog pound always had a chance to make it back in the game. If, after I asked a review question, I shouted DOG POUND instead of a child's name, the first person in the dog pound who said the correct answer got to go back into the line AND choose where they wanted to stand. This insured that everyone was always listening to the questions throughout the game The object of the game was to be the last person standing. I think this game is good for the older grades or a more mature class. I could see how some children would get their feelings hurt if a friend sent them to the "dog pound". I remember talking about strategy with my kids and we talked about that if someone sent us to the dog pound then we should consider that a compliment since they probably viewed us as competition. I promise, try this game once in your classroom and your kids will beg to play it everyday!