Kahoot: Review Time!!

It is that time of year...REVIEW crunch time right before those big state tests. Today 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Kanasink, and I tried out a game-based classroom response system called: Kahoot. It was SO easy to create questions and carry the game out in the classroom. We gave each child an ipad to use as their controller. Any device with a web browser can be used to play Kahoot, not just iPads! I created a 20 question "Ultimate SOL Review" that combined all subject areas into one game. You can see some of the questions in the pictures below. I love how you can insert an image or a video :)
Once you have set up a FREE account and have created a review game (which is always stored and can be played over and over again), LAUNCH the game! Students will be prompted to go to kahoot.it and enter a number code. Then they enter a "nickname". I like for them to make up a "different" name because the game does display a ranking of names throughout the game.
From May 8, 2014
From May 8, 2014
Students are given 30 seconds to pick their answer and if you wish to keep the sound on your computer, a very intense song plays in the background. Students really have to focus! The questions do not advance until the teacher clicks "Next". Here is a little video clip:
Kahoot from Julie on Vimeo.

My last question was the B-E-S-T:

From May 8, 2014

I was shocked how many students put "Pretty" and not "All of the above". This goes to show that they were just too quick to answer and did not take their time reading each possible answer.....right??? After each question is answered, a bar graph displays how many students chose which multiple choice answer.  KaHoot will let you create quizzes, discussions or surveys. You can create and SHARE your review games with other teachers who have a Kahoot account. It is pretty cool! I can't wait to get students into making their own KaHoots! Let me know if you would like to try this out in your classroom. We could do something one afternoon once testing is complete :)