Butterfly Life Cycle Movies

Yesterday kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Alexander, invited me to her room to help her kindergarten students create Butterfly Life Cycle movies using Pixie. This master teacher had organized such an incredible project for her kiddos!
From May 1, 2014
Students were split into groups of 4 (we did have one group of 5). Once students were sitting with their team members, they assigned roles by deciding who was going to illustrate which part of the butterfly life cycle: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis or butterfly using the program, Pixie. Mrs. Alexander gave each student one of the check lists below. Click on the picture to take you to all four of the checklists:  
From May 1, 2014
From May 1, 2014
Each student had to illustrate and add scenery for their part of the life cycle, label three things in their picture and then record their voice explaining that specific stage. Those who finished early got to create a cover page or a back page for their movie by pulling up a blank template. Note: Mrs. Alexander has had her kindergarteners on the computers all year and they have truly developed strong computer skills and knowledge about the Pixie program. Therefore, this project was completed with ease. I think it would be a great collaborative project for 1st or even 2nd graders. Check out their final projects that we compiled into a movie: Here is the one that had 5 students in a group (the caterpillar stage was split into two: small caterpillar and fat caterpillar)
  Life Cycle Group 5 from Julie on Vimeo.
  Life Cycle Group 3 from Julie on Vimeo.
  Life Cycle Group 1 from Julie on Vimeo.