A Deeper Look into Google Classroom

 just publish a GREAT intro to Google Classroom on Edudemic. It is amazing how intuitive this interface is and the ease of integrating Google Docs is unbelievable. 

Greg shared some features of Google Classroom:
  • Class Setup - A class code is generated for each class that students can use to join a class. This process eliminates the need to create rosters ahead of time.
  • Google Drive Integration - When a teacher uses Google Classroom, a “Classroom” folder is created in their Google Drive account with a sub-folder for each new class they create.
  • Student Organization - When students use Google Classroom, a “Classroom” folder is created in their Google Drive account, with a sub-folder for each class they join.
  • Automation - When creating an assignment that is a Google Document, Classroom will duplicate and distribute individual copies of the Google Document to each student in the class.
  • Due Dates - When creating an assignment, a teacher indicates a due date for the work. Once submitted by the student prior to the due date, the student is instantly limited to “Viewing” status on the document, allowing for teacher grading to occur.
  • Turn in & Return - When students turn in their work, a teacher can provide feedback while the student has Viewing status. When work is returned to the student, the student is switched back to Editing status to continue working on the document.
  • Big Picture View - Both teachers and students can see all of their classes from the Home screen of Google Classroom. This allows for an overview of upcoming assignments across multiple classes.
  • Communication - Through a combination of class announcements generated by the teacher, and integrated commenting features for assignments, teachers and students can have the ability to increase communication between assigning and collecting assignments
 Check it out in ACTION: