Create a Classroom Floor Plan with Classroom Architect

Create a Classroom Floor Plan with Classroom Architect

Students will have a blast creating their ideal classroom floor plan using this free website, Classroom Architect. This is also a great resource to use when teaching the math concepts of area and perimeter.

With the beginning of the academic year approaching many of us are scrambling to find new, innovative activities to do with our kiddos to get them excited and keep them engaged! There is a really fun website I like to use in the beginning of the year as well as when I teach area and perimeter. The website Classroom Architect is incredibly fun and EASY to use for these lessons!

Have your students go to this website and create their "ideal" classroom. Here is what they will see:

Here is a sample of a classroom that has been constructed:

The only way to save is to save it to a cookie on your computer so I suggest having your students print straight from the site or take a screenshot of their creation. I usually have the students paste a screenshot into a word processing document and type a description of how and why they designed their classroom the way they did. You could even have them write in the voice of a teacher and pretend they are arranging their classroom for their future students. Who knows, you might get some good ideas for your classroom set up!

If you are interested in grading this activity, here is a rubric I like to use. Click the image to take you to the print out :)

Happy designing :)

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