Help Raise the Parr!

A few weeks ago one of our local schools unexpectedly lost a master teacher. Renee was a 30-year old first grade teacher, mother and wife. A fundraiser has begun to help raise money for Renee's little girl. Please consider purchasing one of the terrific bundles that have been put together:

Go To the TPT Sale:
 Raise The Parr TPT Sale

Check out the 5 awesome bundles valued at over $180. You can get each bundle for just $10.00, over a 70% savings!

 K-5 Donated By:

 3-5 Donated by:

K-1 ELA Donated by:

1st Grade ELA donated by:

K-1 Math Donated By:

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  1. I would love the App ABC order, just an easy way to put the skill in real-life application!

  2. Thank you Julie for donating and your support for Renee. I'm excited to bless her family with the support from buyers across the country. Thanks! - Lindsey Paulson

    1. Absolutely, Lindsey. I am so glad I can donate in some way. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey, I'm a VA teacher, too. I just found your blog and I shared the link on my facebook page. I definitely want to help Renee's family.

    I also entered your giveaway, and if I won I would get the Famous American reading passages. I teach 3rd and all of our famous Americans are covered.

    Having Class

    1. Hey Adrienne! So glad you stopped by! I will hop on over to your blog and start following you :)