ZooKazam Mini Project: FREE!

I am so excited to have discovered Anita's blog, I Live 2 Learn I Love to Grow! She has such an adorable iPad project that I wanted to share with YOU. 

If your county is like my county then the only apps we can download are FREE apps. That sometimes makes it hard to find fun and creative activities since we are so limited. However, Anita's project uses FREE apps: ZooKazam Atlanta and Educreations. ZooKazam is an Augmented Reality app that reminds me a lot of AR Flashcards but 10x better! In order to use ZooKazam you must print out the trigger image:

There are several different ZooKazam apps but the one Anita used was ZooKazam Zoo Atlanta. This app has several different animals that come to life: African Lion, African Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Giant Panda, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, Deer and Ladybug. When you point the camera at the trigger image above, these 3D animals come to life as they move around and make noises when you tap them. You can play with weather elements (rain, snow and sunshine) for cool special effects. My favorite part is that you can take pictures and videos with your animal! I had some fun last night:

When your animal pops up there is an "Info" button you can press for some factual information about that animal.  

You HAVE to check out Anita's FREEBIE below to see how she uses ZooKazam in a mini iPad project with her students. She provides animal fact sheets for the students to build background knowledge as well as a recording sheet for students to write two sentences about the animal they pick. The recording sheet is used for the second half of the project. 

Quick project run down:
1. Students choose an animal and read the description. They write two sentences about their animal on the recording sheet.
2. Students take a picture of themselves with their 3D animal and it is Saved to the Camera Roll.
3. Students upload their picture into Educreations or any other open ended app and type in their two sentences. They can then record themselves reading their sentences.

I could see using this mini project for research practice, learning about food chains, animal adaptations, habitats and so much more! I combined ZooKazam and Pic&Vid Stitch to make a little video poster all about a Giant Panda's food chain and habitat:

App Smash from Julie on Vimeo.

If you like Anita's FREEBIE, be sure to check out her Selfie Project by clicking {HERE}. It is super cute!