Thinglinks on a Padlet Wall

Today I visited four different 5th grade classes to do a lesson on the Ocean Floor. The teachers had remembered doing a lesson last year using Thinglink and wanted to do the same lesson. This year I decided to jazz it up by taking the lesson to the next level: everyone publishing their Thinglink to a virtual wall (Padlet)!

If you are not familiar, a Thinglink is an image that you transform into an interactive display by adding "hotspots". Hotspots can include text, videos, sound, clipart and links to all sorts of possibilities! Your images come alive :) If you would like to learn more head to my Thinglink post from last year: click {HERE}.

First, I set the teachers up with a free Thinglink Education account. Click {HERE} to get your FREE account! Once they logged in, the teachers were able to set up their students. You can have multiple classes within one account! Thinglink asks you to enter student names but to save time we just entered student numbers. It automatically populates login cards for you. Each student gets their own login and password that is connected to the teacher's main account. The teacher can see and manage all student's Thinglinks but the students can only see and manage their own Thinglinks in their personal account...I LOVE this!

What the teacher sees:

Links and embed codes are provided for every Thinglink that is created. Students can write down their link to take home to show their family what they did in school. Teachers can also grab individual embed codes and post the actual Thinglinks on their blogs/websites! I really wanted a one stop shop and didn't want to take the time to get every embed code to each child's creation so I created a Padlet wall. The students posted their Thinglinks to the wall and had such a great time checking out each other's work. This is a GREAT way to get your students to collaborate and display ideas, answers, questions and creations. Check out the walls each class created (you have to click on the pictures to get the Thinglinks in action):