Appy Monday Linky: Phonemic Awareness

I'm linking up with Tech with Jen for Be Appy Monday!

Last Monday I helped present some fun and free apps for practicing Phonemic Awareness in the younger grades. My partner and I modeled several open ended app ideas such as:

1. Using Shadow Puppet to take a picture of a word and tap out each sound it makes
2. Using Chatterpix Kids to clap out syllables for a picture that "comes to life"
3. Using the Pixie app to find pictures and sounding/spelling out the phonemes on several slides and turning it into a mini movie*This is the only app that is not free but it is worth every cent!!*

However, we found the teachers really liked the "kill and drill" apps we suggested. Nothing wrong with that; however, I personally like the creation apps since they are better fit for differentiation and keeping students entertained (if they know how they work!) Yet, I know the younger kiddos need more assistance with those kinds of projects. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some easy yet effective apps our teachers ended up taking back to their classrooms:

App #1:

8 Great Word Patterns has several different leveled apps that are AWESOME. Many activities are included in each app. Here are the different word patterns that can be found in 8 Great Word Patterns 1:

The activity begins by a word being read aloud. Students have to choose letter from a bank of vowels (red) and consonants (yellow) to form the word:

When they arrange the letters correctly, the app prompts the students to trace the word accordingly:

Next, the word vanishes and the student is challenged to write the word without any help. They then have to self check to see if their writing matches the correct spelling:

App #2:

Phonics Awareness is a FREE app that demonstrates understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds (what we call phonemes). The app focuses on:

-Distinguishing long from short vowel sounds in spoken single-syllable words
-Orally produce single-syllable words by blending sounds (even consonant blends!)
-Isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel and final sounds
-Segment spoken single-syllable words into their complete sequence of phonemes

Multi-levels is GREAT for differentiation:

LOVE the caterpillar segmenting visual:

App #3:
Phonics Vowels focuses on phonemic spelling, beginning sounds, word family phonics, short vowel sounds and images with animations/interactions for each word. 30 different vowel sound combination groups teach the short vowels, long vowels and two vowel combos!