FREE TeleStory App

I'm linking up again with Tech with Jen for Be Appy Monday!!
I was just reading Knight-Time Technology's recent post about the FREE app, TeleStory. Within seconds, I downloaded the app and started playing!
TeleStory is made by Launchpad, the same company who produced Toontastic. They recently joined Google and now both apps are FREE. I have used Toontastic before but had never heard of TeleStory. I can't WAIT to try it out in a classroom soon.

What is TeleStory? Well, in my own words I would say it is a glorified video camera that has the ability to create an AWESOME movie with sound effects in just seconds. You can create news reports, music videos, intergalactic space battles and more. Here is a "little" example (the first part got cut off when I uploaded to both Vimeo and YouTube...give it a second and then you will get the idea!):

It reminds me a lot of the special effects you can do in a Google Hangout. I LOVE that you can make as many frames in your movie as your heart desires and have the ability to save your creations to the camera roll. In case you have blonde moments like me (hopefully not as many!), be sure to check the box before clicking the green and white check mark button to save to the camera roll:

How could you use this app in your classroom?

-News Reports on different content you are studying
-Meteorologists giving a weather report
-Fluency practice
-Different reading skills: summarizing, retelling, main idea, making inferences, story elements, book reviews
-Sing songs/raps about different content
-Creative Writing Prompts
-Make great anticipatory sets

Have you ever used TeleStory?