Student Made Task Cards for Practing Making Inferences

Do YOU and your students love task cards? Have students CREATE task cards for your next center or scoot game! This TWO in ONE activity is a great way to get students reviewing academic material while also keeping them engaged. Students create a task card on any topic you present and then the task cards can be printed. Use them the next day as a center or as a scoot game. They will LOVE checking out the cards their peers made and will get a kick out of seeing their creation as a part of your classroom activity.

Simply use Big Huge Lab's Trading Card Generator website....

Use the website, Task Card Generator, to get your students to create task cards. Here is an idea for practicing making inferences.

One of my favorite ways to use this website is practicing making inferences. First, to get students' attention and to get them hooked, I like to show and discuss the following commercials in which the viewer is required to infer something that is going on.

Volkswagen Commercial
Graduation Present Commercial
Dog Video
22 more videos...

Next, students take a selfie using their webcam while displaying some kind of an emotion (happy, sad, surprised, angry, scared, etc.). They save it to their desktop. (*Depending on your activity, you could always have students locate a copyright free image to add)  Then, students visit the Trading Card Generator  website to make their task card.

1. Click on Choose File (green arrow) and upload photo/image
2. Fill in information that you want to appear on the task card (purple arrow)
3. Pick a style/background color (pink arrow)
4. Click Create
5. Print

Here is an example of a task card I whipped up. The emotion I picked was terrified. This is definitely a higher level thinking activity since it challenges students to write clues without revealing the answer in their description.

Boom! That's it!

This activity could be used with ANY content area. Why spend your precious time making task cards when you can get your students to do it? Just be sure to double check their work ;)