Tech Takeout MEASURES Up! 4th Grade Measurement Activities


Last Friday the #TechTakeout crew went to Adams Elementary to do some awesome technology lessons with the fourth graders. As a group we planned four different interactive math stations for the students using digital tools such as Google Earth, Google Draw, CheckThis, and ActivInspire flipcharts. Everyone had a blast throughout the day! Check out what we did below. Keep your eye out for us Glen Lea, because we are coming your way next!

We kicked off the lesson with a warm up game using the class-response system, Kahoot. The kids LOVED it. We then split up into four different stations...

Mr. Covais and Mr. Caratachea had the students using Google Earth to measure the perimeter of historical sites aligned with fourth grade SOLs. First the students opened up Google Earth. Once Google Earth was opened the students went to the student server where they could drag a .kmz file onto Google Earth to take them to specific places. The first place that we traveled to was Jamestown. After Jamestown was located the students used the ruler tool to measure the three sides of the Jamestown fort.  
The students then added the length of the three sides and posted their findings on a collaborative Padlet Wall.  

After the students posted to the Padlet wall they were able to repeat the activity and measure Mount Vernon, St. John’s Church, and some groups even had time to measure Adams Elementary! Click Here to download the files of the different locations we visited!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Robinson’s groups started by signing into their Google accounts. We then opened a blank document in Google Drawing and worked to create our own Gallon Girl, Gallon Guy or Gallon Man! Students used the shape tool to create various representations for the gallon, quarts, pints and cups. Each child changed their shape colors and added a key to their drawing as well. Finally they used the webcam to take a selfie and insert their own image into their drawing. Check out some of their creations: 

Mrs. Hues made an ActivInspire flipchart focused on elapsed time. Elapsed time is always a tricky concept, so this was an awesome activity for these fourth graders! The students were able to use the interactive clocks within the flipchart to find how much time had passed between two events. On each slide, there was a sound recording with an elapsed time scenario. They listened to and filled in the important information (start time, stop time, etc.). Then the students used the interactive clock to solve the problem. While the student at the board was working through the problem, the other students had whiteboards and used whatever strategies they preferred to solve the problem. When the students finished they looked at all of the final answers and shared the different ways that they arrived at the same answer, as well as figuring out where mistakes were made. The best part of the lesson was when another student explained the method that works for him and the other students benefited from seeing him work out the problem in this way. True collaboration and communication in action!

Ms. Wright and Mr. Clough used an awesome website called CheckThis for their activity. The students began the lesson by choosing items to weigh. Once the students selected their item they then used a balance to measure the mass of the item. After they knew the actual mass the students were ready to head over to CheckThis to make their own website! Within CheckThis the students were able to take a picture of themselves holding their item. They then created a poll under the picture asking the weight of their item. At the bottom of each website the students took a second picture of themselves holding a piece of paper with the correct weight. Mr. Clough and Ms. Wright made sure to grab the address of each website so that they can share them with the four teachers they worked with that day. When the students visit the websites they can answer the question and then scroll down to see the correct answer. Check out their work {HERE}

HUGE shoutout to Mrs. Browne and Mr. Favale for hanging with us at Adams and helping out too! Check out all the fun we had! 
#TechTakeout at Adams (01/2015) by Slidely Slideshow