MaKey MaKeys for Seusstacular Day

Yesterday I helped out at one of our county's elementary schools for their Seusstacular Day! I ran a "techie" station with ITRTs, Sarah Green and Matt Caratachea. We used three MaKey-MaKeys which turn objects into touch pads that can interact/control the computer. On the laptops we pulled up the Catch a Thing Dr. Seuss website:


 This is a game that requires you to use the four arrows on your keyboard to chase Thing 1 and Thing 2 until you catch them with your net. It is NOT as easy as it may look! As you advance levels, the maze increases in difficulty.

We made arrows out of play-dough and hooked the MaKey-MaKey up to the play-dough! The kids were amazed that they could control the game on the computer screen just by holding and tapping play-dough.

Check out all of the fun we had: