Wonderful Wacky Zoo Project

Wonderful Wacky Zoo Project

Students will have a blast exploring animal needs and habitats with this project that utilizes Pixie and Thinglink. Makes a great Project Based Learning Project!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s a Meglatond?  What? 

A first grade class I have been working with has created a Wonderful Wacky Zoo...a place where the most magnificent mammals on earth are gathered to stimulate your imagination. First graders worked collaboratively to investigate the basic needs of mammals as well as explore their different types of habitats.  These mammals have different physical characteristics and we sorted them with the categories of body, habitat, food, and life cycle. Students worked in groups to create a hybrid mammal of their choice (based on their research using Pebble Go and a variety of zoo webcams) and illustrated their creation through Pixie, Drawing Box app, or paper and crayons. They turned their artistic creation into a movie that explains the two animals that make up their new creature, the habitat it lives in and the food it eats. The entire class worked hard creating a class zoo map which was constructed in Pixie using basic map symbols in a map legend. We combined all student work into a Thinglink to bring you this digital zoo.

 Take a chance and step into a world where your imagination has the opportunity to run wild with the mammals of our wacky zoo!

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