Tech Takeout Serves 3rd grade FRACTIONS

The Tech Takeout crew is continuing our 5 Schools, 5 Days week long extravaganza of fun! Today was day two and it was a blast! We headed over to Crestview Elementary and focused on fractions in third grade.

Opening Activity: It is that time of year....REVIEW TIME! I know many of you have been using the student response system, Kahoot! Are you ready to change things up a bit?
Recently we tried out a similar student response system, Quizizz, and it proved to be a great alternative to Kahoot.

Sarah Green and Stephanie Wright led a group of fraction secret agents. The students used Pixie to decode a picture representing a fraction as well as one of the one of the addends. The students had to use their detective skills to decode the fractions and figure out the missing addend. This activity is great for critical thinking, adding fractions, and equivalent fractions! Once the students finished decoding, they created their own slide for other students to decode.
Julie Smith and Karen Hues used Pixie on the iPads to help make connections to fractions a real world experience. Students used the iPads and the app, Pixie, to create a digital book. The students drew the numerical representation of the fraction and then recorded their voice explaining the fraction. The students exported their Pixie slides as a movie to the camera roll and then uploaded them using the Google Work Collector.

Jessica Robinson and Gina Browne had students create word problems about Greece using fractions in Powerpoint. Students were provided a sample word problem and were taught how to animate the slide. After animating the slide, the students recorded their voices on an answer slide where they identified the numerator and denominator. After guided practice, students were challenged to create their own word problems about Greece. They had a variety of clipart to choose from and did a great job demonstrating understanding of how Powerpoint features worked while creating their awesome word problems!

*Clipart by:Teaches 3rd in Georgia*
Jim Covais and Matt Caratachea took fraction war and put a tech spin on it. The students were provided with fraction cards. Each pair of students opened a template on Google Slides and used this to display the fractions that they randomly chose. The students used the manipulatives on the bottom of the screen to prove which player won. Since the students were using Google Slides they were able to work simultaneously and collaboratively. This is a great way to take a simple idea and elevate it using technology. Check out some screenshots of student work, and make sure to click on the template link above and make a copy of the template that we used! Once the students finished playing war they logged into their Google accounts and one student from each pair started a new Google Drawing. The drawings were then shared with
From April 21, 2015
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