Tech Takeout Serves 3rd Grade Word Analysis Skills

Yesterday was our third Tech Takeout this week! We are having a blast working with different schools and grade levels across the county. For our third adventure we trekked over to Highland Springs Elementary to work on word analysis skills. Each pair of ITRTs developed different hands on technology lessons to get the kids pumped to learn! Remember that we want all of you teachers to take anything we post and make it your own! Every Tech Takeout that we do utilizes a variety of tools and focuses on different skills. No matter what grade level you teach you can always find something useful! If you’re on Twitter follow our hashtag to keep up to date with everything we do. #TechTakeout

For the opening activity we had the students answer review questions in Quizziz. The students had a super fun time with the activity.

Stephanie Wright and Gina Browne focused on synonyms and antonyms using Nearpod. Students began by reviewing the definitions of synonyms and antonyms. A short video clip was linked into the presentation as additional review. Afterwards, the students used their own computers/ ipads to create t-charts of synonyms and antonyms. Multiple choice questions were also part of the presentation. The activity concluded with students creating their own synonyms and antonyms. Examples of synonyms and antonyms they created: 

Jim Covais and Matt Caratachea used Padlet to play a Prefix and Suffix game. They provided the students with a Padlet wall for the students to use for the game. Every student was assigned a color for their words, the the students were challenged to type in as many words from a list of words with prefixes or suffixes. After about five minutes the students stopped typing their words. Once they had as many words as they could type in they started the game. The students took turns picking an opponent’s color, reading one of their words, and deciding if the word had a prefix or suffix. If the student was correct the word was moved to the prefix or suffix section. The person with the most words at the end left in their color was the winner!

The students had a blast constructing a menu for the “Delightful Deli” with Karen Hues and Sarah Green! The Delightful Deli is a delicious place for writers to select words with prefixes and suffixes to use in their writing. The students opened a Google Doc template with a plate of prefixes, suffixes, and root words, as well as a blank menu board for the specials of the day. With their partner, the students collaboratively worked on a Google Doc to type words with prefixes and suffixes on the menu board Google Drawing. Once the students typed their words on the menu, they used Vocaroo to recorded themselves reading the specials for the day and enticing hungry writers to visit the Delightful Deli.

The students that worked with Jessica Robinson and myself made affix movies! They did an app smash using DoodleBuddy and Shadow Puppet. The students used DoodleBuddy to write a word that has both a prefix and a suffix. They used stoplight color coding to show the prefix (green), root word (yellow), and suffix (red). Once the students completed two or three words in DoodleBuddy, they exported the pictures to the camera roll. The students then brought in the pictures into Shadow Puppet and recorded their voices explaining the the parts of the word. They also explained how the prefixes and suffixes changed the meaning of the root word.
Affixes from Julie on Vimeo.