Must-Have Math Practice Website

Must-Have Math Practice Website: Open-Ended Practice for PK-8th grade

Do you use the website, Math Games, with your students? If not, you need to definitely introduce them to this fabulous resource! I love how all of the questions are interactive rather than just multiple choice.

When you launch the site, you are prompted to choose a grade level:

It will then take you to an organized list of TONS of great activities:

The graphing activities are super cute. Your students can make bar graphs, pictographs and line plots! In Virginia, our state tests assess graphing this way so this site would be excellent practice for our kiddos.

Other activities might require the student to enter the exact answer:

Each problem has a "scratch pad" that students can launch to help them solve the problems.

Definitely add Math Games to your website list if it isn't on there already :)

Girl Scout, Hannah B., reached out and wanted Techie Teacher readers who enjoyed the website mentioned above to check out THIS money math guide that she ran across while she was working on her Money Counts badge.

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