Class Responder: Student Response System

Today I was working with first grade who was reviewing plants. We decided to try out a classroom response system called Class Responder. This was the first time I had used it and was excited about the "short answer" feature. Other student response systems like Plickers, Kahoot and Quizizz only allow for multiple choice or T/F type questions so that is why we wanted to test out Class Responder.

Their website states,

"Class Responder allows you to interact in real time with every student in class using smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Teachers can assign lessons through Class Responder and students will automatically see the assignment and respond with their answers. You can review each student’s individual responses as well as comparing responses on a class level in order to measure understanding.
  • Conduct on-the-spot polling with real time results.
  • Create your own activities and quizzes. Quizzes can be multiple choice, true/false, or open- ended.
  • Assign lessons as classwork or homework.
  • Choose whether you want an activity to be self-paced or teacher-paced. Perfect for individual, small group, or whole class instruction.
  • Provide immediate feedback to students.
  • View and email results of completed assignments by question, by activity, and by individual student.
Class Responder also includes free lessons for Grades 1-6."

 photo 1_zpsatpelpor.jpgI had made a 9 question review game by creating a FREE teacher account. Making the review game was SUPER easy. You cannot add images like you can in Kahoot, Quizizz and Plickers (NEW feature!!). However, I LOVE the option to ask open-ended questions that allow the students to type in their answer/response!   You can even set up a "quick poll" on the fly to use with verbal questions or questions you have on a flipchart or PowerPoint. Quizzes/review games can be set up to be self-paced or teacher paced. The teacher can show results to multiple choice and T/F questions in the form of a bar graph.

This is just another tool you can use in your classroom if you are looking for immediate feedback and/or a quick and fun assessment.