Favorite Things Linky!

I am linking up with Teaching Trio for My Favorite Things Linky :)


My all time favorite "thing" so far this year is a present I received from my husband. He was so concerned about my work bag being too heavy since I often pack it with two large laptops, two iPads, my lunch, extra water and all of the odds and ends a regular teacher might carry around. I once mentioned that I really wanted to get a bag with wheels but all of the ones I have found have looked too much like suitcases or just didn't seem very professional. Well, that sweet man of mine said he spent quite awhile scouring the internet until he found this G-E-M.

I love it for so many reasons....the pockets, the zippers, the beautiful color, the leather straps and THE WHEELS. I can cover some major territory now that my back isn't giving out on me! When I do carry it on my shoulder you have no idea that it has wheels and an handle. It looks like a normal bag. GENIUS!

Next up are these CHEAP but well made stylus pens. I always like to have a set on hand for when I am working with kiddos on the iPads. It is so hard for kids (even us adults) to write/"show work" on the iPads and this makes it SO much easier. I also can't fail to mention the novelty of these tools...the kids BEG to use them to WRITE and "SHOW THEIR WORK". That's right...they ASK to do that! Who could resist these fun colors? For a pack of TEN for $1.41 (FREE shipping), click {HERE}. Go quickly because I don't know when this fabulous deal will end :)

Finally, one of my favorite apps to use for "fun" is Emoji My Face! Turn any photo into an emoji :) Whenever a friend sends me a picture of their baby, a pet or even THEM, I have a ball saving their photo to my camera roll and sending it back in emoji form. They are always amazed yet it is so E-A-S-Y. This app is free; however, to unlock the really "cool" emoji photo effects, you have to pay 99 cents. I am proud of myself. I have not paid to unlock the emojis...yet ;)

Here are a few I have created:

That's it! Boy, it sure was hard to pick just three "things" :)