PhotoSpeak App

I am linking up with Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday!

PhotoSpeak is a FREE app that can make photographs COME ALIVE. Warning: It is seriously creepy. This app literally transfers any portrait photo into a 3D moving avatar. PhotoSpeak compares its products to the talking pictures seen in Harry Potter's Hogwarts castle. 

Check out a few Famous Americans first graders worked on today (The first one was my example that I showed them before starting the project):

I find that younger students have a hard time coming up with what to say before recording. If students pre-plan, write out their script and practice reading, then you can carry out a simple project like the one above in no time. It is hard for some children to formulate sentences on the fly and they end up re-recording over and over.

Need a quick and easy grading rubric? You can grab this one that will be free for the next week! You could use this rubric with any avatar creation app or website such as Tellagami, YakIt, Chatterkid, Voki, iFunFace, etc...