Evaluating Websites

Yesterday 5th graders at one of my elementary schools took part in a Digital Citizenship Day to complete the Internet Safety modules that all teachers in our county have to complete this year. Each teacher was responsible for teaching one of the modules and students circulated around to each classroom. The librarian, Suzanne Stockman, and I co-taught the 5th grade module on website evaluation. Suzanne found this awesome SlideShare presentation that talks about the 5 Ws of evaluating websites.
The 5Ws of Web Site Evaluation from jmika

 photo 1ae8b7e5-9dee-4d7b-8485-1f3f090d083b_zpsnkeziufz.jpgWe had fun bouncing off of one another as we engaged the students in a conversation about how to tell if a website is valid or not. After our discussion, students got into 5 groups and navigated to these 5 different websites: Website 1, Website 2, Website 3, Website 4, Website 5. Each group was responsible for opening their website and used THIS website evaluation form Mrs. Stockman found from the Cyber Smart website and printed. Two of the websites in the folder are real websites while the other four are fake. They are absolutely hilarious. My two favorite were: 

Tree Octopus (this one has Photoshopped images AND videos)

   photo IMG_3356_zpszdjflx82.jpg

 Buy Dehydrated Water

   photo IMG_3352_zpsof6idvmw.jpg

 At the end of the activity Mrs. Stockman and I revealed which websites were real and which ones were fake. The students had a ball and left the library giggling away!