Internet Safety Commercials using YakIt Kids

 photo 072d1b09-a371-40c2-9091-d18d1050fa33_zpsitlp0ssl.jpgThe 5th graders at one of my elementary schools took part in a Digital Citizenship Day to complete the Internet Safety modules that all teachers in our county have to complete this year. Each teacher was responsible for teaching one of the modules and students circulated around to each classroom. I was excited to work with the librarian, Theresa Harris, to work with the module that covers internet safety.
 photo fd8fab8a-96fa-4c60-8a70-b8ddf5156c8f_zpsnqk8kdho.jpg
 Theresa purchased 20 iPads for her library this year and she is having a ball learning how to use new apps with her students. She has mastered ChatterPix Kid and was ready to learn something new. Therefore, we decided to complete the commercial students had to create by using the app, YakIt Kids.  I think YakIt is a great app to try after you have mastered ChatterPix because it has a few more bells and whistles. You can create multiple scenes and have more than one item come to life and talk. The kids really like how you can change the pitch of your voice to be high, low or normal.

I modeled  how to use the app with the first two classes and then she was ready to take over and teach the remaining three classes. Way to go, Mrs. Harris!

After students were finished with their movies, they submitted their work through The Work Collector . The Work Collector is a script that my colleague, Michael Price, invented to help us quickly gather work from iPads and laptops. This script automatically creates a folder in your Google Drive that work is submitted to once students visit your Work Collector site and upload their work. BEST INVENTION EVER. I turned my Work Collector website into a QR code that students could easily scan and submit their YakIt videos:

 Check out some of the internet safety tips 5th graders created today using YakIt Kids:

Internet Safety from Julie on Vimeo.